500 Internal Error when searching

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Description of the issue:

Any time I search, I get “500 Internal Error”. It’s been happening for 3-4 days now. It’s not sporadic, every single search results in search results showing for a second and then the 500 error.

I’ve tried clearing cookies and cache, disabling all add-ons - no luck.

Brave Version (check About Brave): Not sure. I’m using Firefox 121.0 on Android.

Operating System: Android 14


Happening on Firefox on Mac as well but not on Safari.

I’m having the same problem on Android with Firefox 121.0.

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It stopped happening for a few days, and started happening again yesterday

Still the same error today with Firefox

No problem with Brave Browser

FYI, this is the console I get when I search “test” on brave search

Been happening to me again as of a few days ago

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Last days in the week, start to show this error when i’m trying to search using Firefox on macOS

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Just 2 days ago, with a Google Playstore update, I got this Error alert, when opened Brave to search.
Been past 2 days & can’t search at all. Not good!! I see the search flash as it goes thru & populated the screen, then in a half seconds, this alert,“500 Internal Error” comes up, & freezes the search. Had to Resort to not liked Google to search, tho not a fav, nor my favorites linked to it, too.
Anyone know a fix for this? Brave, are your correcting your obvious “Update”, error, error??