5 months and my reward issues are STILL NOT RESOLVED


I am SHOCKED as to how I have been treated.

It’s been 5 months (actually longer because I started the thread in public before that) since I PMed you guys my personal info to get these reward issues sorted out.

I’ve invested tons of MY time getting you what you needed all for WHAT???

You have stalled and stalled and aren’t fixing the problem and I can’t even get rewards on this computer and I’ve gotten no rewards in the last 2 months or so except a few pennies.

The last time I wrote a ticket in public because you disappeared for months, you pacified me by PMing me a one line question on January 14, 2022 & then disappeared AGAIN even though I’ve written to that thread 4 times since.

JUST TERRIBLE how you are treating me!!!

Please check your DMs. We do apologize for the long response time as we have a very high volume of support requests to work through at this time.

Thank you.