20bat stuck on verified wallet

I have 20bat stuck on my wallet, that haven been transfered to uphold for months.
I only get deposits from monthly bat earnings that you get by running the captcha.
Bats gained from ads just stack on to the already 20bat and never get transfered. My wallet has been verified for arround 3 months or more, and have alredy tried disconnecting and reconnecting the wallet from uphold, whit no success. Would really appreciate the help.

Windows 10, Brave 1.24.86

Mine 80bats are stuck. Bro. They will ask for your brave rewards info and not do anything.

Beacause uphold system to reconnect again in month please go uphold wallet go setting and click application and delete reward and connect again conform payment received I try this and work

Please search and read before posting a request for assistance.

Oh, that doesn’t sound good, I hope it doesn’t happen to me…nowdays I’m hearing a lot about uphold fraud

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