1 week without "Ads" and "Rewards" do not reach "Uphold"

Since January 7 the “Ads” stopped arriving.

At first I thought it was because in the days of transferring “Rewards” to Uphold not many “Ads” arrived.

But since February 7 “Ads” have not arrived.
Neither do the “BATs” reach “Uphold”. I guess for the “BAT” I have to wait a little longer.

This happens in Brave Browser version V1.35.101 for Windows 10.

In my Androids Brave Browser versions, everything is Ok, although I’m still waiting for BATs in Uphold.

Can someone help me?

@cmam It sounds possible there is an issue, including that you may have been flagged for some reason. If you can, check out the article at Still no payout? read this before posting

You will need to contact them with right info to get assistance. Sadly there is not much else we can do in helping to fix issues regarding Rewards here on the forum.

Thanks @Saoiray

I will check it

same, i got reward only on my Android, and no more ad since feb 7

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