YubiKeys NFC for 2FA fails to work properly

Brave for Android should support YubiKey’s NFC for 2FA on third party sites.

Google Chrome supports the use of YubiKeys for 2FA on many sites. This works properly on Brave for Windows but fails to work correctly on Brave for Android. For example:

  1. Brave is set as the main web browser
  2. A user has 2FA with a YubiKey required to log into an app account of some sort
  3. The app opens an embedded version of brave
  4. the webpage requires the nfc chip of the yubikey to be scanned
  5. the nfc token from the yubikey fails to register with the site

An easy repo is to add a Yubikey to a google account for 2FA and then try to log into that google account on android with Brave as the default web browser. This would work if Chrome is the default web browser.

Hardware tokens are a very common and strong from of 2FA and are supported by most browsers but fall short for brave on android. This prevents me from using brave as a default browser on my phone.

Might find some info of interest, here:



" [Android] U2F NFC keys not working on Android #7756"


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