Youtuber/Affiliate Marketer looking for Resources to Promote Brave

Hi Guys, i am an youtuber/affiliate marketer looking to promote your browser. Can you please share with me some relevant sources for Brave Creatives that i can use while promoting it? I am looking for Images, Videos, anything that could help me in my journey to create ads for Brave…Thank you!

Also, my youtube channel has around 2 milliion monthly views. I would like to know if there is any way we can work together outside the referral program. Thanks

Hi @onel4play - thanks for writing in! Have you seen our Media Assests page -


This is awesome @steeven. :smile: I didn’t know that we have something like this. I am downloading right now. will take a look after the download. thank you very much!

Awesome! Glad that they are helpful.

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