Affiliate Link for Non-Content Creators?

It seems there is not an affiliate link and reward program for Brave users who want to spread the word? It’s only for content creators?

If this is the case, I’m shocked about this. I’m passionate about Brave and those of us who are passionate are the best ones to get people signed up to start using it. With all that’s happening in the world, the moment is ripe for mass brave adoption and I believe a simple affiliate link program is a big part of the equation.

If there is a program like this, it’s very hidden and confusing. Please advise. Thanks.

It’s coming in weeks. Already in Nightly channel. Refer your friends and family to earn BAT using the Nightly version of Brave

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Hey man just link with your youtube account and take your affiliate link. Spread for your friends and not properly youtube videos. You don’t have to be a creator, just need generates traffic with your link