Youtube Progress bar Brightness problem

Youtube progress bar is so bright, i m not able to see pause, play button or setting button on white background while video is playing as i have uploaded .

Man that is quite bright.
Can you try turning off Hardware Acceleration and see if the YT player displays normally?

You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

i tried but that didn’t work. But other browsers doesn’t have any problem they have extra shadow on that area so that progress bar is clearly visible .

Do you have any GTK themes installed on your OS at this time?

i have classic and different themes form chrome store , i tried all but miserably failed . i also tested on different Desktop environment (KDE) but that too did’t work .

Sorry for the late reply – can you confirm for me whether or not you see this same behavior in Chrome (or any other Chromium based browser)?

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