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Hey this is my first post so if my question is already answered somewhere I would love a link!

I try to verify by brave wallet and connect it to Gemini, I get a text of a code and I enter it. Then, on the brave rewards page I get a “Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again” message. I am on a mac and am on Brave version 1.36.111

I have verified and connected another wallet on a desk top computer. I am in the US and am not using a VPN. What am I missing?


Latest Brave Browser Stable Release:


Brave Support will request that you update your Brave Browser installaton to that version.

Meanwhile, several requests for assistance, for the same issue, go un-answered by Brave Support:

The following members of Brave Community are good at knowing the procedures, re Brave Rewards, and one might be available to assist you.

@Fireball472 You are on an old version. Just as 289wk says, better to first update and then retry connecting.

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Jee thanks! In the link you provide, the MAC section says there is a DEB and RPM version to download. Any idea on which I should go for? Thanks again!

Apologies! I think I was reading that wrong. The downloads recommended under mac says " Brave-Browser-*.dmg or Brave-Browser-*.pkg will install this version." Which is better? Sorry for the. confusion.


For Mac OS or Windows OS, easiest to go to:


For Linux OS, see:


And then of dmg and Pkg there are three versions of both of those: arm64/universal/x64. Which should I download? Sorry for spam. Know absolutely nothing about code or computers really lol. You are all a hug help.


Viewing your Mac, click on the Apple icon at the upper-most left-hand corner and choose ‘About This Mac’

In the pop-up window that displays, report the info for 3 fields:

  • Version numbers
  • Mac model
  • Processor

MacBook Air
1.6 GHz Intel Core i5


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