Working with brave on a tablet

I’ve used brave on my laptop for a few months now, and it’s been working flawlessly with no issues, so I decided to install Brave on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T510. I downloaded brave from the google app store, and noticed that there was a warning "this program may not be compatable with your device, or something like that. I ignored the warning and continued to dowload. All looked fine, until the part when I tried importing bookmarks from Chrome (which was also on my tablet, and I wanted brave to be the default device, (because of all the annoying ads around!)
I clicked on the 3 dots on the top right, clicked on “bookmarks” and was greeted by a single word “bookmarks” and a search magnifying glass- nothing else. Puzzled, I went to the settings, but couldn’t find a single setting for importing bookmarks! I’ve tried now for 3 days searching both online and through the brave settings menu on how on earth to import bookmarks from chrome to brave. Is this part of the warning I read before downloading brave? Does this mean I cannot use brave on a Samsung tablet?? I find this really odd, as I can remember having no difficultly with Chrome!
Graham :slight_smile:

You can.

No. Because mobile version have no import functionality, yet. We’ve an issue logged for that.

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