Wordpress Plugin, says verified, waited days, removed publishers list, still not verified

I’ve tried this twice and each time it says that its verified and to wait and the first time I waited 4 days and still didn’t say verified, tried all the things they mentioned on the forums so decided to try it again couple days ago. Should I not use the wordpress plugin to do this? it always tells me to do when I try

Hi @Chuck.Support, basically, once you finish adding your site and you can see it’s listed under your publisher account, then it’s verified.

Your Brave require 24-48 hours to sync with latest publishers list. If it’s still shown unverified see Solutions for “not yet verified” bug .


I just tried those steps again since I reverified a couple of days ago but it’s still not showing verified. Any other steps?

@eljuno still not showing as verified. Can you check Chuck.Support and see if it works for you? i tried clearing cache and removing publisher list

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