Windows Azure, Storage Explorer, Tables is not shown

I use Windows 10, and Brave. Latest versions of everything. I am using Windows Azure, and Storage tables. I view the info with “Storage Explorer (preview)”, which is a page on the Azure website. Easiest way to find it is click on all service, and search on “storage”, then an icon come up with the storage explorer. Something is different here how chrome renders the page compared to Brave.

I saw that i tables is not displayed in Brave. It works in Chrome and the new Edge.

Description of the issue:
** View an azure storage table in “Storage Explorer (preview)”**

Tables should be displayed


Additional Information:

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Thanks for reaching out to us.
Can you share a screenshot of how the page displays in Brave vs how it displays in Chrome?

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here they are, its all empty in Brave.


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i checked the “Shields Down” , then the tables showed up :slight_smile:

But it said it didnt blocked any script here , and on azure i dont think its any need block anything!?

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It’s very likely a specific Shield setting that’s blocking the tables – my thought would be that it’s the Device Recognition setting that’s causing the issue. Can you try turning Shields = Up but changing the Device Recognition setting to Allow all and see if the tables appear as intended?

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