Why it is so hard to import your settings in all your devices?

there is no simple option to export the brave data and bookmark and all extension data in a file , i downloaded brave in my mac and its frustrating , its hard to sync your bookmarks and settings in all your devices .

there are 2 things which can be done

  1. just like import ,give export option next to import , so people can keep back-up in local system and when they install brave again they will import without using chrome (why do you need chrome to import your data , every time i install brave i have to install chrome and i uninstall after importing )

  2. the sync option doesn’t sync all the data(settings and bookmark) , make it sync all the data between all the devices

trust me i am frustrated , the task is simple but not easy .

there is an option to import through html file which is stored in system , why cant we do this in reverse ? export into html or any file format and keep that file in system