Where can I get information on BAT Ad Network requirements of my Webspace to be ready in Fall 2018?

I checked github and also the FAQ, but I did not yet found any information around how to enable my own webspace to show Brave Ads? I’m registered publisher, but to display ads, what will be needed?

Do I need to include a reference? (Hope not ;o)

Do I need to setup a server site service?

Would be great to get some hints here. A link with the reference would be enough. I’m able to read.


CC @LaurenWags Brave ads are still in development. Correct Lauren?


Hi @polent

@tomatoshadow2 is correct Brave Ads are definitely still in development. We’re just getting started with user trials. You can read about that here: https://brave.com/brave-launches-user-trials-for-opt-in-ads/



@polent As an addition, I’m pretty sure when it’s ready and available, Brave will publish more info about that. :slight_smile:

This might all be true, but if you have access like me to valueable customers that might be happy to do POCs with the network to see how they could ramp up in future, it would help. German Top 100 clients are not as flexible. It would help me to get some basic information to inform my stakeholders.

This is additional to my original ask, as I’m privatly a publisher and get already contributions.

I’m really interested in how to ramp up clients to enable them selling their ads.

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