Where can I get information on BAT Ad Network requirements of my Webspace to be ready in Fall 2018?


I checked github and also the FAQ, but I did not yet found any information around how to enable my own webspace to show Brave Ads? I’m registered publisher, but to display ads, what will be needed?

Do I need to include a reference? (Hope not ;o)

Do I need to setup a server site service?

Would be great to get some hints here. A link with the reference would be enough. I’m able to read.



CC @LaurenWags Brave ads are still in development. Correct Lauren?


Hi @polent

@tomatoshadow2 is correct Brave Ads are definitely still in development. We’re just getting started with user trials. You can read about that here: https://brave.com/brave-launches-user-trials-for-opt-in-ads/



@polent As an addition, I’m pretty sure when it’s ready and available, Brave will publish more info about that. :slight_smile: