Where can I find the playlist feature in Brave on the Mac?


Has the playlist feature been removed from Brave on the Mac desktop? I can no longer find it.

@MarcusOnTheRun Playlist as never been available on Mac desktop. It’s only been available on iOS and never released on others yet. That said, they are working on it, with the current Github linked below.

And it’s actually available for testing and development on the Nightly version of Brave, though it would require you to activate Playlist within brave://flags and it doesn’t mean it’s going to have all features or work properly.

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Alright, thanks for providing these infos!

How are the video downloads handled on desktop? Hopefully they’re just downloaded as regular video files.

@Hannover69 to be honest, I haven’t messed with it. I only realized today that Playlist was under flags on Nightly, all as a result of OP asking their question. I would like to suggest you perhaps get Nightly and try to activate the flag yourself, give it a shot. I’d love to hear what you and anyone else who sees this topic thinks of it in its current iteration.

Hello, I downloaded it on my M1 Pro and it immediately crashes when I try to open it. Should I post the entire error report?

I also made 2 posts about bugs and the one about inactive windows in the foreground is really disrupting my workflow. But I haven’t gotten any answer yet. Please look into it.

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