When will wil enable to connect to uphold to brave browser

When will able to connect to uphold from brave browser to receive rewards from india


There is a lot for you to study. I suggest starting with:

‘Rewards will arrive in 7 days - #8 by Saoiray’

and reading up and down that webpage, as well.


Re When will things change?

There seems to be much uncertainty about The When of It . . .

The answer(s) that you seek, will probably be found, by occasionally searching:



your answers are bunch of BS just tell them the truth rather than giving them false hope. no one can answer that question in this community

Not true. I mean, nobody can tell you an exact date because nobody knows. Yet we can give an answer because I spoke to Luke Mulks and Brave staff a few weeks ago and asked this exact question. I then summarized it and also provided a link to where that call was recorded and placed on YouTube.

Also not true. He provided links to search Brave Community, at least for a baseline in regards to seeing other people who have asked and the answers given to them.

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