When the payout will start?

why my payment didn’t start ?

@steeven ?


They start today, be patient. It usually credits between 8 to 12apox. of every month. So don´t worry.

note: if you don´t receive anything until 12 please create a new topic and send message to steeven

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Thanks for your patience @nozix. They haven’t started processing yet.


Buenas tardes Steeven pagaran solo por los anuncios o también a los editores por favor no veo el hilo de pago de febrero para editores :frowning:

Hi. I also wondering why is there no Payout Thread for Creators this month like the Past months?

May I know why?

Thank you.

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@Carlolo last month there was a thread respecting publishers payout:

But for me it didn´t appear pinned in home page, maybe the same happened to you xd.

En cuanto a @Fer34 steeven explica en su comentario pasado que aún no han iniciado el pago a creadores de contenido este mes. Además, generalmente cuando estan apunto o preparandose para lanzar los pagos es cuando sale el hilo. Sean pacientes.

Hello Steven since December I have not received my payments can you help me please


I even searched for it and there is no Thread. What do you think is the problem or maybe they really havent posted anything yet?

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No tengo idea pero a mí no me pagan desde el 8 de diciembre y tengo acumulados ya 510 bat no se qué hacer y le escribo a @steeven y no contesta dm :pensive:

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A mi no me pagarón lo de creadores el mes pasado, espero este mes que si XD. Ve el lado bueno, mientras no infrinjas las normas del proyecto tu BAT sigue seguro alli. Ahora solo falta poner lata moderada (nadie hace caso a los spammers) hasta que te paguen. Tu tranqui, en mi experiencia tardan, de vez en cuando, si, pero al final si se hacen responsables. Ya me ha pasado antes que no me pagan y así, tarde que temprano lo han hecho.

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As far as i know, there isn´t theread util now. Be patient. Maybe they are wating to finish ads payout to begin with creators

Es que en verdad necesitaba el dinero y como desde hace 2 meses no pagan no tengo muchas esperanzas

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Got it. Thanks for opinions, Have a nice day ahead.

did you got the publisher payout???

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Yo todavía no recibo el pago

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did you got the publisher payout?

Not yet but im hoping

Hello Steeven, i claimed my bat rewards on 5th of february but the received amount is much lower than claimed amount. my claimed amount is 17.200 BAT and Received amount is 8.050 BAT. so please help me.

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Han pagado ya este mes? No me ha llegado nada aún

Sorry to say this but he won’t do anything because i have not received any of my BAT to uphold from July 2020(uphold verified) i even DM him he also replyed me 2 time more than 1-2 months passed but still i did not got my BAT