When is a custodial account service reaching to India

  • Higher privacy
  • Higher speed
  • Built-in Wallet
  • Rewards for those in participating countries (but still good to use without it)

Which will be getting diminished in coming years. Also relies on extensions rather than built-in. This can make a difference.

Sure they do. Just keep in mind that everyone has a lot of different wants and needs. Brave has a lot of things that other browsers don’t offer and are always building on it. The browser has plenty that helps people.

Which is yet to see if that’s good. Everyone has a “thing” that they incorporate. Google has always been about convenience in exchange for you giving them all of their information. It all kind of gets streamlined. Then they also had all the things like extensions and all. What you ended up with was an incredibly fast browser.

Brave differentiated itself through privacy, crypto, and Web3. This is the area that Brave specializes in and is doing differently. There are constantly features being built into the browser, such as Playlist and VPN. But Brave’s focus is going to be all things privacy and Web3.

Bing had been to nothing, but now is adding AI to differentiate itself from other browsers. This might only be temporary as Google is building out their own AI and in the midst of Releasing Bard, but we’ll see how it goes.

Brave has a side bar. You can add websites to reading list via that shortcut and you also are able to access your bookmarks. Shopping list is something different, so you might have something there.

That’s kind of funny. A lot of people don’t like or trust Google because of their censorship and collecting of User information.

They are expanding on it. Luke just shared in our last Community Call that he has meetings with several exchanges they are trying to get added as custodial partners. They also have the other large partner that has been in discussions for the past 6+ months. They were about to finalize arrangements but then I guess India had another regulatory change and so they got delayed a bit on the process.

You’re right that it stinks for now. Brave made a lot of progress of expanding to all the different countries and then we had the sudden changes where they had to cut support to many countries. I don’t think many people are happy with the situation. I know I’m not. They’ve said too many times that a deal was in progress or more countries would be added soon, but it’s just not been happening like it should be.

That said, I do know they truly are working on it. It’s just taking longer and I’m not happy with the order of events. I agree with a lot of people that sunsetting of vBAT shouldn’t be happening the way it is. Especially for countries like Germany who have been impacted for a while. Brave could and should be handling things a bit differently. At the same time though, I also understand that there’s been a lot of issues and that Brave pretty much has no choice but to make some adjustments. Sometimes things just don’t happen the way they ought to.

You want the correct numbers right?

As per brave of all the 52 countries supported (minus NY) total population comes out to be 1486.53 millions (wanna check? go ahead), and total world population is currently 7875 millions. So only 18.87% of world population has access to brave rewards. Assuming and affirming are different. Maybe you should learn more before speaking, or should I say typing.

Tor browser give more privacy than any browser

I have a solution for this to get some recovery I wonder if it will work.

The answer is NEVER and why BAT was a good idea that has past its time! All because I am sure of horrible management and Silicon valley feeding their Bank friends with METADATA. So much for Privacy!


So you can earn 16 cents a month? the max amount i got until now is 0.334 BAT. lol… and it consumes half of the resources in the device.

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