What we can do when my country is not supported by uphold?

My country is not supported by any wallet on Brave browser, so basically I cannot earn rewards now with new update. Do someone know some solution?

Nope. Nothin you can do till support is restored or a new partner is brought in for your region.
Also if you had Gemini connected earlier then

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we unverified users are on unknown status as per saving BATs. All we could do is wait for them to update and do something about it at least opening registrations which is unlikely before April starts. the only option for us is to donate it all to creators which i do think people aren’t going to do. Afterall, saving it for the future then just donating it simply is somehow a slap in the face on us.

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I have 34 BAT tokens in rewards but Uphold and Gemini both are not supported in my region, now what can I do to withdraw these BAT tokens.
Can anyone help me out?

It’s lost, Brave does not care whether you can withdraw or not. Just check the forum. They’ve been promising new partners going on two years and have now just decided all vBats will be removed. They were paid by the advertisers and have been telling all their loyal followers they will also get paid but all this time they knew most will never get paid. Now they are just turning their backs on thousands of their users.

Also, even a verified Uphold account is no help. My Uphold account is verified but I first have to make a deposit before I can link my browser to them. It’s all one big scam. Just go download another browser and uninstall Brave. Both Brave and Uphold are just scams.

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