What does index other search engines in brave do?

Basically the title, and if I join the Web Discovery Project what exactly will be collected?

Please see the following article to learn more about the web discovery project:

I have the same question as @Kraft, and I have already read the Web Discovery Project article. That article mentions “other search engines” but it doesn’t adequately explain (IMO) exactly what are the additional ramifications of enabling the “Index other search engines” setting.

Index other search engines doesn’t have anything to do with WDP, what that option does is just to index search engines automatically when you make a search and they are compatible with OpenSearch standard/xml, like if you enable it search in youtube, you will see it added to the list of search engines.

WDP, is a script that sees every page you browse and then anonymously sends it to Brave for websites to get indexed in Brave search without any human intervention, also it registers the time you spent in those websites and metadata, and portions of URLs and Queries and all that.

But the ‘other search engines’ WDP talks about is about and you are confusing it with that Index other Search engines toggle, has to do with Google, Bing, linkedin and Yahoo Search Results Page (SERP) , and that will be used to help indexing pages based on the page results you get in those engines.
You can see the Patterns here: https://github.com/brave/web-discovery-project/blob/main/modules/web-discovery-project/dist/patterns.json

Of course, it doesn’t mean Brave won’t be able to index other search engines because Brave uses URLs you visit to try to index them, just like any page so it will work in Yandex but not with the quest but since WDP sees the URLs you visit, then that’s how it does it.

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