Does Web Discoverability Project collect data from private windows?

I’m happy to enable certain analytics for certain projects that I trust, like or just want to support. However, I like to know exactly what’s going on with those analytics, what sort of data is collected (and from where) and so forth. I’ve kept the “Anonymous usage metrics” toggle on for searches in normal windows but I use private windows with VPN or Tor to search more sensitive information (IE medical-related searches) because Brave Search isn’t marked to do that in private windows.

I’m considering opting in to the Web Discoverability Project but I needed to know whether or not it collects data from private windows as well as normal ones. If it does, I won’t be turning it on but if it doesn’t, I’ll strongly consider doing so.

I appreciate any responses!

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Thank you for your reply. Looks like I’ll keep it off for now but maybe someday in the future I can toggle it on!

I started used normal windows and turned WDP on to help fix Brave indexer, after Brendan said it would work with Yandex, and I have noticed it works, at least some searches have ‘improved’ or they seem to appear now when they didn’t couple weeks ago.
At least Brave respects Private windows are Private, so yeah, I had to force myself to use normal windows and all that just to use WDP, but I know it is not for everyone, it’s technically you allowing it Brave to spy/check your searches and some browsing to improve the indexer, at least it is good to know I am helping to stop and reducing too much Google influence in Brave searches because of the mix results with Google feature.
is this like: I am doing nothing, but I am still doing something kind of thing? I guess.

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