We want an answer about the new referral system

Hello, the referral program at the moment is on hold until further notice, new updates and news are expected for new ways to Generate income, it is still unknown in its entirety when the news to generate income with the referral system is published, it is unfair since in its statement the browser Prometios a new REFERRAL SYSTEMS
but just at the beginning of the year and still nothing to be pronounced, we demand answers … Support me on i request let’s make this request viral.

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It has been disabled a long time ago and probably won’t return.

And where did you read about the Referral thing?

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Señores de Brave el sistema de referidos fue lo que mas trajo gente al navegador y estaban creciendo mucho esperemos vuelva lo mas pronto posible ya es mas de 7 meses sin noticias sobre referencia dijeron que volvieran PLEASE

They don’t have any plans of introducing it back any soon.


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