Wallet Crypto volumes cannot be filtered by other value than 24h

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Description of the issue :speech_balloon:

When, I review my wallet and want to check any crypto currency.

Can’t filter the volumes of the currency.

What I would expect: when consult history values of bitcoin in the last 1 year, I would like to see the volumes transactions also for 1 year and not for the last 24h.*

In a nutshell, I would very appreciate a volumes metric history for crypto too.

Is the issue occurring on a specific network? :signal_strength:


On every network it’s the same.

Tested with and without VPN from different internet providers.

What operating system are you using? :floppy_disk:


Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 23H2
Installed on ‎29/‎04/‎2024
OS build 22631.3737
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22700.1009.0

Brave Version (check About Brave)

Version 1.67.123 Chromium: 126.0.6478.126 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information

I love you all! Brave is a wonderful project! I’m an early adopter and I’m happy and proud to be it ! :heart_on_fire:You’re the best