Utorrent Web Bug

I am attempting to torrent on Brave. I get an invitation to install an extension. When I decline, I get an error message and I can not get out of the loop. Any help would be great.

Can you give a more detailed description on how you’re encountering the issue? What URL are you following? Are you trying to download something/Wha are you trying to download?
Have you tried this flow on a different browser e.g. chrome?

Yes of course.

Utorrent web operates in browser.

When I launch uTorrent I am taken the first screen, followed by the second. It does not let me progress past that stage and I get stuck in a loop. Lauching uTorrent Web > Extension Install Page > Error

Utorrent web works with the machines default browser so to check I had to change this for each test.

I have checked in Safari and it works fine.

I have checked in Chrome and it works fine allowing me to get through the first screen without an error.

I have now checked with Brave and it works!

The fix was simply get around the install extension screen in Chrome then change the default browser back to Brave.


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