Unwanted notifications come from brave

Many unwanted notifications come on brave. I do not want those notifications. These notifications didn’t come in brave beta but come in the normal brave. This creates a sense of distrust for brave. It feels like might be the data is being breached. Please tell if there is any option to get no notification like this.

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You’ll have to be more specific. Take a screenshot of those notifications, tell us where you’re using Brave (mobile, desktop, OS), the exact version of Brave.

  1. I am using brave on Windows 10 (64 bit).
  2. Brave Version - 1.26.67
  3. The screenshot is attached below.

I get these notifications all the time while using Brave. I do not get these notifications while using Brave Beta but get them all the time while using the Normal official Brave.

From the screenshot I can tell you are using Brave Rewards, but since I have never used Brave Rewards myself I can’t tell whether those notifications are related to Brave Rewards in some way. I have never seen such notifications for sure.

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