Unable to enter into Brave Together hangout

I’ve been using Brave Together for chat hangouts over the last few months and it has been a welcome replacement for Zoom, but I’ve encountered a problem that I can’t seem to fix…

A friend who has used the software once before a week previously now is encountering an issue where they are unable to enter the hangout or in the best case scenario enter in for a few seconds before being kicked out.

From what they’ve told me, it showed they had really weak kbps but everything else was fine. Their connection when in the hangout was “good” but no bit rate data or packet loss info. They thought it might have been their connection but they tested viewing a livestream on YouTube and found they could watch one at 1080p without issue. They even tried turning down their bandwidth settings but it still failed to stabilise and allow them to come into the hangout.

I can give more information if needed but I’m currently at a loss with what might be causing the problem, let alone how to fix it.