Unable to download or export browsing history

Hi @aaarrrron, thanks for the reply.
Also, apparently this is your first post, so welcome.

Your comments, quoted, are so very interesting. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
Perhaps @discobot Brave staff have a useful comment in this regard? :smiley:

Grateful for the github link. I went there, read: https://gist.github.com/dropmeaword/9372cbeb29e8390521c2
I can speak ONLY basic Tech language and I am glad to read it when it spoken by those who speak it more fluently, a reminder that there are those out there who do know what they are doing in the digital densities.
I sense that maybe I am also waiting for a reply to the question there by :

I may be able to get my wits about me and try and follow the instructions, baby step by step, windows7?. :blush:


EDIT : Accessing Browser History - #8 by Dryad