Accessing Browser History

How Do I access my browser history from 2019?
I had some important tabs last year but my session didn’t get restored.
Now my history can’t access anything before January 3rd 2020.
Which folder is my history from 2019 located? Thanks.

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Hi @mistamista, Welcome to Community!
You can go to brave://history/ to view/search your browsing history.
If you cleared your browsing history at any point between then and now, it will be unrecoverable.

How do we export our browser history to csv or json?

Hi Aa-ron. Thanks for the welcome.
I didn’t clear anything from 2019. Brave apparently hides any history of 2019 because it is now 2020. I think it is located in a Brave folder. But how do I find it?

When you say:

Where are you getting that claim from?

No claim. It’s an assumption. That’s why I said, “apparently”.
I went to ‘History’ using CTRL-H. I scrolled down to the bottom and couldn’t get passed January 3rd.
I NEVER clear history so my 2019 history should still be on my computer somewhere.
Which folder in Brave is it located in?

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Have you tried clicking on the magnifying glass icon and searching?

Hello all, Windows 7 desktop
@mistamista @Aa-ron

Yes, the same for me.
My browsing history goes back ONLY to 29 JAN 20.

What would the search term be? ‘no files found’ for December 2019, for example.


  1. I should have and, do NOT have, history going back, at least, to the 2019 date of the obligatory reinstall from Muon to Core? :sob:
  2. I can’t recall how I handled the import of history FROM Muon TO Core? :thinking:
  3. I’m in this thread NOW, doing pre homework, because, :blush:, I have to jump from :
    Version 0.68.131 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    to the current Version and
    I’m putting it off because :worried: :
    a. I can’t lose my history, see other thread Unable to download or export browsing history - #4 by Dryad
    b. I need to be prepared to deal with the installation ‘black screen’ issue if it happens again.
    I will not use another browser and I cannot be left browserless. :anguished:
  4. there is an import/export function for bookmarks. There is no import/export function for history :flushed: :
    bookmarksCapture historyCapture

What is the file format for history, eg .py, .csv, etc?


There is no other way to search.
What I mentioned before is the same way of searching.
I’m convinced that once the new year begins, the previous year is automatically stored in a folder.

Does anyone have an answer to my folder question? Please?

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