"uh oh you're wallet is unreachable" keeps reappearing, not receiving ads

I have been using Brave for more than a year (since 04/03/2020) and had only receive 4 ads.
I noticed that when clicking on the BAT icon it showed an error:
Uh oh. Your wallet is unreachable.
I only realized today that there is a small x mark which you can click which gets rid of this message, and I think maybe this resolves the issue (not sure yet since I haven’t received an ad).

This is just a suggestion, but the UI interaction should be improved if this is the case. If not, then there is a bigger problem.
Also, the message seems to reappear as I’ve read on different other threads after a while too, so I’m guessing I need to keep pressing this x every time which will be a pain.

I am using the latest build for every release since a year ago, and my OS is Windows.

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