Twitter web client not functioning with ads and tracking blocked

Good morning,

Twitter’s web client ( with default shield settings allows login, but will not load tweets or messages, nor will it allow tweeting. When ads and trackers are allowed, it runs normally. This problem began presenting at approximately 1900 EST on Tues, Feb 26, previously the site functioned. The site runs normally in Chrome. I am using Android version 1.0.82, and I believe this was the version I used when the site previously ran successfully.

Thanks for reporting @DeanBradleySFF,
It’s a known issue. And as you mentioned, you can “Allow ads and trackers” for now. The team is working on a fix.


Thank you, sorry that Twitter dumps their problems at your door.

@DeanBradleySFF, no worries - unless this is all somehow your fault ! :slight_smile:

@eljuno also captured the issue here on our Github if you (or anyone) would like to track it’s progress:

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