Trouble with sync for 1 week

I can’t use sync for one week. Each time I’ve enabled it in brave:flags, browser on my 2 PC turn off 1 or 2 minutes after…I’ve tried to disable sync and my browser works again.
I used sync with 2 PC and 1 android

Since, I’ve tried beta version, dev version…It’s the same.
With the nightly version, i can use “sync 2” on my 2 PC but not on my android phone! The sync 2 is very quickly! When does the android sync 2 will be OK ? (on nightly version? on beta? …)

Thanks for your work

That’s the reason why Sync is temporarily disabled for desktop since v.1.3 and higher. Brave Sync temporarily disabled on Desktop and

Sync v2 is in the works. And this will fix the issue and re-enable Sync. Brave Sync v2 soon available in Nightly, will disable Sync v1

Available in Nightly and after that will hit Beta then Stable.

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