There is NO claim button appeared at March, 6 as was expected

Hello. This month, March, 6, claim button has hot appeared in my Brave browser. And the same is on another one machine which is linked to the same wallet.
My Wallet ID: 3da40094-cf9d-4d1f-a26c-471db583bb4e
And it is verified.
Brave version: 1.21.74 Chromium: 89.0.4389.72
OS: Kubuntu 21.04


This is a normal phenomenon. It happens from time to time.

Oh really? Then what about all those users with the same issue (or bug?) on this forum? Is it normal?

Yes. As you can see, many users have the same issue. It happens every month. The bug has not been solved and will not be solved in the foreseeable future. It’s a matter of luck whether you can claim the rewards.

Why it will not be solved in the foreseeable future? And why you so sure?

There is not supposed to be a claim button on a verified wallet. The payment to Uphold is automatic.

According to this post the payments to verified wallets are still processing:

Yes, I understood that already. Thanks.

If you understood that, why did you ask the question?

Because I understood it after I created a post!

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