The top bar of browser takes to much screen space. How to make it smaller?

Description of the issue:

So I have a laptop that uses windows which I use a lot and it doesn’t have an issue with the screen space but the issue is present in macOS

is there a way to make it smaller?

Hello @Khoreah, thank you for reaching us out. What happens if you close the dialog on the right pressing x It should minimize the window. Hope this helps. Regards.

@Khoreah Hi and welcome to the community.

I remember seeing this issue in other Community topics in the past. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any when I do a search! I seem to remember the issue is related to the dock and/or theme settings but I could be wrong on that! Have you tried changing dock settings to see if that changes anything?

Found a couple articles that may help:
How to Customize the Dock on macOS Monterey
How to Customize the Mac Dock and Improve Its Functionality

I do not use macOS or I would test before posting. Hope this helps and isn’t a waste of your time! Take care.

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