The future direction for Brave?

Is there any discussion at this time about an email server setup? And if that is something that is in the making, is that a possible opening to be able to get a position in the cellular phone realm? (i.e. play store, email activation, ect.) If these things are not on the table for the future of Brave, how do we get the ball rolling to toss the idea into the think tank hat? I am aware of countless individuals who are completely infuriated with Garage, I mean Goober…err Google. I am willing to say that there are thousands of us that would love to see Brave step in the ring and walk out with the championship belt and leave Gspot knocked out cold! Hoping this is the ultimate goal! Thank you for your time!

Yeah, I think we discussed the email idea before in here and there were no plans at the time, thanks for bringing it up again. Would love to have a BraveMail address and dump MS and GMail! :slight_smile: