Temporairily moving to Opera GX

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Description of the issue:
So i will occasionally just try and browse the web as usual and on a page it will randomly gargle up and spit out the horrifying words “STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION” and it won’t fucking go away i have reset settings, turned off extensions (which worked for the most part but it just FUCKING WORKED IT’S WAY AROUND IT AND CAME BACK OUT), i reset my pc and when i was about to do it the status access violation had a meltdown and decide to take every search i wanted to do hostage, i also tried resetting settings and changing the exe name which didn’t do sugar (this is another cuss block word for the word sh## (idk why)). so this is the last one that i need to try and + im gonna have to try other browsers at some point
Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
i would put steps to reproduce except for the fact that it’s like Irratible bowel syndrome due to the fact that it APPEARS OUT OF NOWHERE and has no warning symbols no indication no nothing, it just appears.
Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Expected result:
damn i expect the status access violation as well
Reproduces how often:
prob like a few minutes after a page is clicked on
Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
windows 11 64 bit and brave 1.58.137 (says it’s up to date but would it be doing this if it was up to date? no)
Additional Information:
honestly im just so fucking fed up with this bullsugar error that i have decided to just completely transfer my account to a different browser

also why is the word fucking not censored but the s word for poop is???
like how did that get past…

Estoy utilizando Brave y Opera GX hace un mes. Le estoy dando prioridad a Brave, diariamente uso varias pestañas en simultaneo, tengo 8GB de RAM, wind 10. Hasta el momento va bien.
En cuanto al Opera GX me he dado cuenta que utiliza unas memorias extras que abre simultaneamente ejecutando algunas tareas secundarias, todavia estoy tratando de ver porque hace eso.

i immediately moved back but used a different build of brave (that opera was dodgy)


Just to be clear, are you saying eventually happened while extensions were still off?

Also, have you ever tried just doing a new browser profile without adding extensions or anything, then seeing if it happens?

On all sites? Refreshing doesn’t do anything?

Does anything show up in brave://crashes?

yea it eventually happened


If you can copy/paste the Uploaded Crash Report ID here, it would be helpful to pass on to the devs and they can see if it provides any clues on what might be going on.

If you see Send Now when you visit brave://crashes, then you’ll need to click on it and close Brave for up to about 30 seconds. It will only upload while Brave is closed. Then return and you’ll see Uploaded Crash Report ID. (to be clear, don’t want or need Crash Context or anything)

here it is > 35080900-52b7-d30a-0000-000000000000

i got another one so i’ll wait for it to upload and then send the other one


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