Tabs now open individual windows in ALT-TAB

I have at least 500 tabs open, grouped as I need them in various windows. I did a backup/restore to a new computer. All the tabs are there but now in ALT-TAB every tab has its own window. Shown in the imgur below. I cannot highlight any of those tabs. If I ALT-TAB to any one at random, it opens up the full window with the correct tabs in that window. What is the problem, and how can I get my group windows back?

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Welcome @georgec :smiley:
To be honest, i don’t know that.

But, wow! You have (at least) 500tabs opened!? That’s amazing and very uncommon.

Maybe it’s just too much open tabs? I don’t know the limit (theoretically it should be unlimited)
But keep in mind, every tab needs some amount of RAM.
I normally have 5-8 tabs opened.

Thanks for the response, but there’s no answer there. Yes, I have from 10 to 100 tabs in any window. Not a problem with 16gb RAM. Brave has kept track of the windows or window groups they are in, but on this new machine every tab opens on the ALT-TAB screen in new pieces as shown. There must be some way to get them to show with ALT-TAB back in groups they belong to. It will take me days or weeks to get them into window groups again.

I don’t need all that. I just want to Brave to work like it has worked.

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