Tab group style and opacity to dim

The issue happened when I opened Brave up today. I always use tab groups to keep my work space clean. The color for the tab groups have gone very dark, like the opacity is 25% or something. The style of it being round circle has gone now to a rounded square leading me to think that the Chrome updated it’s tab grouping as well, this was correct.

What I currently see on Brave:

What I currently see on Chrome:

Both are using the same pink for the tab group. I am not using any themes aside from dark mode. I would like the tab group color opacity of Brave to match Chrome.


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I reinstalled using the “BraveBrowserSetup-BRV013.exe” that you get when you go to and it “fixed” the issue. I think I simply reverted back to an older version of Brave and I didn’t actually fix anything. I would be interested if this issue appears again.

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