Synchronisation Brave Browser

Hello, I am not a user of your browser which I find awesome, and I wanted to synchronize my PC account on my Mobile device:
On my phone I see the synchronization the parameter appear, but not on my PC, which is annoying because I have more BAT on my PC than on my phone.
Would it be possible to help me please?
Thanks in advance, see you soon.

Translate be Google Translate. Sorry.


Yes thanks, but I have tried brave nightly and it doesn’t want to install on my computer.

If you’d like, we can go over the issue with installing Nightly on your computer to see if we can find out why it wont.
Otherwise, while Sync is in Nightly now, it will be moving down the release pipeline and hit release shortly. Appreciate your patience.

I cannot believe I installed this browser on my desktop thinking I can sync with my phone, only to find out that I can’t. And I’ll have to install the nightly version? This is ridiculous and I regret installing this browser as my entire working structure is undermined without the sync ability. Why is this not stated up front before installation???

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