Switched from Win10 to Fedora, haven't enabled Sync. Is there hope to recover BAT and Bookmarks?

Any ideas on the possible problem?

I too would like an answer. Mine is similar in that my pc restarted and the next thing I knew the Brave browser loaded new with a new user profile. completely erasing my old and all my book marks all my points, all my auto fill info, all my passwords for my sites and accounts, all gone. I tried to look under the /user file and found nothing helpful. This just happened about 2 weeks ago or less. any solutions?

Did you had a wallet backup? As I said I do backed up my wallet but 95% of all my funds are missing after wallet recovery.
I can somewhat live without my bookmarks cause I have muscle memories for most of them and I know what to bookmark again. Tedious work but the biggest problem is the missing funds.

No backup wallet…yet. Is there some way I can restore all my browser info? It must be somewhere. Does Brave have a file embedded somewhere that has all that info and how do I get my info back?

As far as I know Brave stores data in a folder on your PC, bookmarks, passwords, history, credit card details etc. You should google it and check that folder. So I don’t have much hope for my bookmarks. I still have my bookmarks saved in my Chrome account but that’s like 70% cause it’s been a long time since I did work on Chrome, I switched to Brave and never looked back. Now I switched to Linux to the same reason why I switched from Chrome to Brave, we all know that reason…
I hope a dev gives ma hand for my BAT funds at least.

That folder is mentioned in this thread:

I recently reinstalled Windows 10 and I too have lost most of my BAT. I have the above mentioned folder as well as the passphrase to recover my wallet as well as an Uphold account but my BAT are still missing.

Ya i did same process but brave ate all my funds

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This doesn’t makes sense, I don’t have to store a whole folder any time I want to recover my wallet. Isn’t that what the passphrase is about. If I have the folder, why do I even need the passphrase?

I’m starting to think this is a bug and hopefully a dev can give us a reasonable answer.


Sync v2 is in the works. Available in Nightly and after that will hit Beta then Stable. Brave Sync v2 soon available in Nightly, will disable Sync v1

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How can that help me? I did not use Sync before, what I did used is what I’m using on every one of my wallets, a backup of my pass phrase in a secured place.
Brave has a video on their official youtube channel on how to restore a wallet. From it I get that I have everything I need, however no funds are recovered !
A lot of users in the comments are asking the same question as I am. This is obviously a very big issue for the Brave community given the fact that you simply can’t recover your funds with pass phrase alone !

I am still waiting for a proper solution to the current problem I am facing.


Were the BAT earned via viewing ads only?

Yes they were, for a long time now…

Is someone even looking into this?

Its fatal omission in Brave browser. Bookmarks are not saved in cloud and connected by email address like in Chrome, so its very easy to make some mistake and get loss of all data.
That way I lost 6 months of hard work in collecting bookmarks.

I can do without the bookmarks i got half of them in chrome so I will export them out to Brave.
Losing my funds when I have my pass phrase secured is beyond me. I still can’t believe how no one even checked what the issue might be. They can’t simply stay silent when users are losing their funds and I will bump this thread every day until I get my funds back.


I too would like to know if someone is looking into this.
I still see this on my Brave Rewards page:
" Wallet restored! 0 BAT was recovered. Your wallet key has been verified and loaded successfully."
I now have a pending rewards balance from recently viewed ads. If they are moved to my wallet after July 6th, will that somehow overwrite my previous (currently missing) balance?

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I sure hope so they get transfered on the next monthly payment, otherwise as wishxy above stated “It’s fatal ommision in Brave browser”. What if I had deposited a large ammount of BAT to tip around?


Hello, i’ve got same problem when i restore wallet with my mnemonic it says Wallet restored! 0 BAT was recovered. Your wallet key has been verified and loaded successfully.


Can a dev answer me please, my funds are lost while I have the necessary backup of my wallet ?!


Bumping yet again to bypass 20 char limit…

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