Switch tab on status bar swipe

The user can switch tabs by tracing the status bar left and right. I just can not get used to the current tab swipe scheme.

I think that there will be a tab switching button fixed from left to right tab1, tab2, tab3, 4, 5 … as the tab is created and invisible from the status bar. Brave is different from other web browser tab switching swipe operations.
Perhaps the viewpoint is different. When the user tries to switch tabs, do user put a point on the status bar or a point on the web content block? In other words, when the user tries to switch tabs while swiping the web content, the opposite action is taken.

I would like Brave to match other web browsers for this basic UI. When the user swipes to the right, it switches to the tab on the left of the tab in the tab list. Swipe to the right to switch to the previous tab.