(Solved) Open last closed tab

Would be great to be able to open the last tab I closed.

Also, I just want to give you guys n gals a HUGE sign of support. You’re making waves on the internet right now! I love the browser and will be using it 100% of the time. You have my full support. Thanks for making an alternative to browsers and companies who try to shove politics down our throats. You’re fucking hero’s. Thank you!!


Hi @MBsquared,

Is this for desktop version? It’s already have Reopen last closed tab feature.
Here’s the screenshot from menu History


and this one from context menu when right-click tab


For shortcut, you can use Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+T from your keyboard.

Hope this can help answer your question.
Thank you,


Hey @eljuno,

Yeah desktop for Mac. Aha, I found it! Thanks! I was right-clicking on the open space next to tabs that opens Bookmarks and looking under the menu on the right side under “new tab” etc. Thanks for the clarification.

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You’re welcome, @MBsquared. Always happy to help. :slight_smile:

I’m going to close this thread since the issue is solved. If you have another questions or face some bugs, please open a new thread for each.

Thank you for using Brave! :lion:

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