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hi brave, I have a website, today my friend tell me that brave has a publisher partner. now i want to get monetized my website with brave. can u help men in the next step?
First, check my domain, and tell me whether my website is ready for your ads or not.
( my website title link is Facebook Video downloader.
this website is using social media video downloader. USers come and paste their link and download videos. )
Due to many click i want to monetize.

2nd question.
i want to rank my downloader website in brave , what we do to index my website in brave can u help me?

You need to create a creators account at

After that, if any of your viewers want to tip they can tip you. Brave ads on Websites are not yet started. They’ll start soon hopefully.

As for indexing


I hope this post will help How to submit your site in Brave search engine 101

In Summary:

Open your site in Brave (you will need to enable WDP as in image.)
Index your site in google console.
Open brave://settings/?search=web+discovery and enable as in image:


Now my sites show in brave search results?

They should eventually. If I be totally honest, I don’t know much about it. Found a post that could help →

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