'Server not responding' on QR code scan for months of trying to transfer mobile rewards to desktop

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Description of the issue:

Brave has prompted me to transfer the mobile rewards I’ve been collecting for well over a year to a desktop wallet, but every time I’ve tried scanning the QR code I get a ‘server not responding’ error repeatedly to the point where I can’t even close the app unless I double click the iPhone home button and swipe it away. What gives? I’ve updated the browser on both sides.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Pull up transfer QR code on desktop Brave rewards area
  2. Click the link for the one-time transfer on iPhone and try scanning the QR code
  3. ‘Server not responding’ error shows up in QR scanner and won’t go away

Expected result:

It transfers my BAT to my desktop wallet :expressionless:

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Mobile Device details

iPhone SE

Additional Information:

Yeah, I’ve had the same issue for about a month now. @Mattches is working on this with the iOS team, I believe.

Yes we are still working on resolving this issue. There are lots of moving parts and we do appreciate your patience.

I can’t find the QR code. Occassionaly it appears and I try to do the transfer and it says the server isn’t responding.

The thing that I have the issue with is that the QR code is not there, more often than not. Is this something thats happening to others?

Can you tell me what OS you’re using (the one in which the QR code does not appear) as well as what Brave version it is (Menu --> About Brave)?

I’m using iOS 10.13.6 and the version of brave I’m using is 1.20.103

I am having the same issue. Also i have no wallet information on the app on ios. IM worried cause ive put a lot of time in using this browser on my phone.