Search text on a page from search bar

Hello! I’m relatively new to Brave and am loving it. Using it on iOS 12.1.4 currently on an iPhone Xs.

One feature I would love to see is being able to search text on a webpage from the search bar. This is where you can clear the URL from the address bar, type a word you are looking for, and it will find it on the page for you. Similar to Command+F on a Mac

Here is a link explaining it :
Go to the “ How to search the text on a specific web page using the Smart Search bar” portion and it explains it step by step.

This is a feature in Safari I actually didn’t know about for years but since I learned it, it was a game changer.

A small example of how I use it is my wife is Type 1 diabetic so we often are referencing restaurant menu nutrition info on our phones and this feature makes combing through hundreds of items much quicker. Instead of zooming in and out over and over and looking for the one line I’m looking for, I can easily navigate to it by the Smart Search.

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Hi, at the moment to search in page you can tap on share button and select Find in page

We actually had this feature(smart search) in earlier versions of Brave and we forgot to re-add it while migrating to new codebase. We will try to bring it back.

I added ticket for it here

Thank you for using Brave


This feature has now been implemented, and shipped.