Find In Page menu for iPad

In Brave for iPad, there’s no easy way or menu to search within Page.
Please add.

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I joined the Community having just installed the browser on an IPad.

I was unaware of your feedback but am staggered that such a request has to be made. Such a ridiculous omission is an oversight needing correction. Such an oversight is sufficient to cease usage of an excellent product.

I will keep track of your feedback.

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This was available in the first version of Brave.

There are two ways to search for a website, I have provided screenshots below to help.

The first one is to just type in the URL bar and hit “On this page” > Find “query”. This is one of the ways Safari does find-in-page.

The second method is to hit the settings button on the top left > Share with > Find in Page. This is also similar to Safari.