Relinking deleted profiles to gemini wallet

I had my brave profiles connected to gemini but due ro some reason i had to format my laptop but now i’m unable to link any more profiles to that account, i contacted gemini support but the said please contact brave support for this issue.
As my old profiles dont exist any more there should be space of 4 profiles/devices left to connect to my gemini account

Description of the issue:

Brave Version (check About Brave): 1.34.81

This is a known issue that the team is working on resolving presently:

Thanks for reply , but my issue is little bit different , as my old profiles are deleted ,yet i have no more extra 4 places to link my new profiles to my gemini.
Any suggestions will help

@shubpat0608 Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

That comment explains details and then there’s a link to the form at the bottom.

And do note that this is a one time thing, at least for now. They did say they are in the process of expanding the limit or even removing it completely. But yeah, it’ll be important to keep the code for your wallet so you can Restore it in the future instead. (Wallet code is different than sync code)

will the given solution work for my gemini , because the post states for uphold account
also it states that for that thng to work you should have atleast 1 account which is linked to wallet, but in my case all the accounts/profiles are lost , its is totally clean brave with no linked accounts

Yes, that unlink works for Gemini as well.

I’m trying to look and read what you’re saying again. Let me repeat for clarity, as I’m beginning to think I misunderstood what you were saying. I’ll break into bullet points. Let me know if each is right or where I might have been misunderstanding.

  • You said you had to format your laptop.
  • You downloaded Brave again and tried to verify your wallet
  • Which means you didn’t save your Wallet code and try to Restore your prior wallet
  • If the above is true, that means you started fresh with a new wallet and would have lost your BAT
  • When you tried to verify, it informed you that you have reached your 4 device limit and so you were unable to complete verification.

IF all of that is true, I’m not sure how they would unlink and all. You’d definitely have to contact the moderator in that one.

Though obviously you’d be putting email associated with your Gemini account instead.

Now if any of those are wrong, then we are at a different result. Such as if you only ever had 1 browser and you did not save the code, then you would have lost that wallet maybe but you now have a new one. And if you are having troubles verifying your new wallet, that would be because there is an issue with Gemini right now. They are hoping to fix it by February 2nd or 3rd. Until then it seems like Gemini verifications will not go through.

So if it’s that last part, then you’ll be fine and just need to wait. As to restoring or relinking old ones, when you set up your wallet it gives a code. I forget if it’s still like 12 or 24 words that you have to keep or if it’s something a bit different. Regardless, you NEED to keep that and put it in a safe somewhere for if something goes wrong in the future. Without it, getting your wallet back is very difficult, if not impossible.

Now you got it i will fill the form, let’s see if i get the access to atleast 1 profile to be connected to gemini or not.
Thanks for helping and sharing the form link.
Have a great day Sir.

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