Release channel 1.67.115

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Notable fixes and additions

Full Release Notes


  • Added support for “Retry transaction” for failed Solana transactions. (#37776)
  • [Security] Fixed Brave Wallet WebHID connection prompt for Solana. (#24981)
  • Updated onboarding for Brave Wallet. (#37871)
  • Updated Solana transactions to rebroadcast every five seconds. (#37310)
  • Updated ZCash endpoint URL. (#38782)
  • Updated the deposit icon on the “Accounts” page. (#38403)
  • Updated the deposit icon on the “Asset Details” account menu. (#38077)
  • Updated the “LiFiTransactionResponse” JSON to show string value for “chainID”. (#37930)
  • Updated all “More Menu” icons to be vertically aligned. (#37767)
  • Updated the size of the “Review send” button on the panel. (#37530)
  • Updated “Deposit” screen to full window height. (#37479)
  • Updated “Buy” screen to full window height. (#37437)
  • Renamed “Binance Smart Chain” to “BNB Smart Chain”. (#29110)
  • Removed “Brave Fee” for all “Swap” transactions in Brave Wallet. (#38566)
  • Fixed incorrect deposit address being shown on the “Deposit” screen. (#38833)
  • Fixed missing “Connected sites” option when non-Solana network is selected. (#38868)
  • Fixed “Receipt” button in transaction status panel to show transaction receipt within the panel. (#37835)
  • Fixed missing network icon on “Asset Details”. (#37818)
  • Fixed inconsistent size of card header buttons on “Account Details” and “Asset Details” screens. (#37801)
  • Fixed the token list alignment on the panel. (#37525)
  • Fixed “Portfolio” filter visibility on dark theme. (#37173)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet not using device locale formatting on “Portfolio” time graph. (#22816)


  • Added “Brave Search Ads” toggle to “Manage Brave Ads” on brave://rewards page and updated default display behavior. (#37695)


  • Added Brave Search support to Brave Leo. (#37575 & #38155)
  • Added ability to use quick actions via “/” under Brave Leo panel. (#37294)
  • Added markdown rendering to certain Brave Leo responses. (#35891)
  • Added permission for location service to help improve geolocation accuracy on Windows and macOS. (#16897)
  • Added “Update lists” button under brave://adblock to force-update all adblock components. (#35216)
  • Enabled Media Router feature by default. (#37109)
  • Implemented dark mode scrollbars on Windows. (#37882)
  • Re-added “Safety check” section under brave://settings/privacy. (#38850)
  • Improved Google Docs compatibility with Brave Leo by supporting full page summarization. (#36649)
  • Improved PDF compatibility with Brave Leo by supporting image based PDFs. (#36403)
  • Updated pricing for Brave Leo. (#37459)
  • Updated Brave Leo model intro and added tooltip for more details. (#37825)
  • Updated Brave Leo CTA button text for non-premium users. (#38695)
  • Updated product header for Brave Leo. (#36202)
  • Updated labelling on certain language models listed in Brave Leo. (#35611)
  • Updated Brave wordmark on the New Tab Page for both Private and Tor windows. (#37946)
  • Updated “Share” menu icons. (#35758)
  • Updated header for side panel to be lowercase. (#37715)
  • Replaced “Llama 2” with “Llama 3”. (#38071)
  • Deprecated “Claude Instant” model. (#37988)
  • Removed background graphics from Brave Leo onboarding. (#37344)
  • Removed known Salesforce Marketing Cloud tracking parameter “et_rid” from URLs. (#37847)
  • Removed known Blackbaud tracking parameter “bbeml” from URLs. (#37971)
  • Fixed labelling and rate-limit messaging for Brave Leo as well as removed the “Switch to basic model” button from rate-limiting modal. (#38676)
  • Fixed the “Snowflake” option for Tor bridges not working on Linux. (#37896)
  • Fixed de-AMP to only apply to HTML pages. (#37406)
  • Fixed items which have been removed from the sidebar being re-enabled. (#37394)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 126.0.6478.56. (#38974) (Changelog for 126.0.6478.56)