Region currently not supported

Hi, I cannot link/verify my uphold wallet, I’m getting ‘Error: region currently not supported’
I’m from morocco.
Before, and by before I mean a month ago I had no problem with that.

Well, seeing how Morocco is currently not supported by Brave for linking to a custodial account, it seems your error is legitimate.

I’m pretty sure Morocco hasn’t been supported for a few months now. That said, if you had been linked prior to support being dropped, then you’d remain connected and receive BAT, at least up until you automatically get disconnected.

Even if your browser shows you as disconnected right now, it’s still possible to be connected on the back end. No guarantee of that though. In any case, you’ll just have to wait until Brave opens support to your region again in the future to be able to (re)connect to Uphold or Gemini.

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Hahaha before posting this I checked the list and I thought I saw Morocco but actualy It was ‘Monaco’, I need to get some sleep I guess! Thank you for your answer!

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Morocco is supported :heart: :heart: :heart:

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