Random image captcha failures

So after years of using Brave as my default browser on my mobile devices I am calling it quits. For the past 2 months EVERY site that supports the random image captcha has been throwing that in my face at every login and then throwing thr “failed, please repeat” response to my face. Just switching back to chrome and that issue dissapears. I tried turning off blocking for those site, changing to desktop mode(those actually went through a couple of times) but no luck. With Chrome. I can just login. No captcha images are displayed. So it seems Brave has started doing something to trigger these bot prevention scripts and then doing something else to make them fail. Clearing cache&data and reinstalling…no change.

Hello @Looooooka

there was issue on old version of brave but they fix it one the latest verion

so check if you have the latest version

hope that help and have a nice day

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Oh my new update. Tnx for the info. Updating!

you welcome :slight_smile:

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