Publishers - I can't claim my BAT to my UPHOLD account

I have this BATS since January and I have my UPHOLD account active since February.
First someone tell me the payment was processing know I don’t see the payment processing.

I still can’t claim my BAT for my UPHOLD account.
Someone can help me ?

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Hi @Mospher,
BAT is paid to your Uphold account once a month around the 8th.
If you connected your account to Uphold in Feb, you should get paid out next month.

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If you are active, please answer me. What weird thing are you doing?


I also have bat and its been months and it still hasn’t been paid out.


Ok thanks. Nobody told me this. Know I understand what happen. Thanks

I have Received my last payment in August’2020.
I have 6.65 BAT but I never get paid after that.
It shows minimum payout is 5BAT but its not paid to me.

Its day 8 of March and I still can’t claim my BAT in my wallet

Ah hah, so it’s an auto-payment system on the 8th or so every month? Could you create an enhancement issue for that portion of the page that explains this? That would eliminate tons of confusion.

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Hello everyone,
I’m going to close this topic. There are a few people jumping on here with their own issue, if you’re having a problem please open your own topic and Support will get to you.